Development Applications

For more information regarding any of the new and ongoing developments in the Township, please contact:

Jesse McPhail
Community Planner
(613) 534-8889 ext 217 

Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision - 01-SS-S-2019 (Chase Meadows Phase 5)

Application for a proposed subdivision located at the north end of Jim Brownell Boulevard, immediately north of the existing Chase Meadows Subdivision within the Village of Long Sault, at Part of West ½ Lot 35, Concession 5, Geographic Township of Cornwall, Township of South Stormont.

Notice of Application and Notice of Public Meeting (01-SS-S-2019)

Chase Meadows Subdivision Phase 5 Preliminary Servicing Report

Zoning By-law Amendment Z-2018-16 (Hart)

Rezone part of 14439 Hart Road to prohibit future residential uses as a condition of severance application No. B-02-18

Notice of Public Meeting (Z-2018-16)

Zoning By-law Amendment Z-2019-01 (Michels)

Rezone part of 15461 Raymond Road to prohibit future residential uses as a condition of severance application No. B-89-18.

Notice of Public Meeting (Z-2019-01)

Zoning By-law Amendment Z-2019-02 (Emard)

Rezone part of 23 Moulinette Road from "Residential Serviced - First (RS1)" to "Residential Serviced - Multiples - Special Exception 9 (RS3-9)"

Notice of Public Meeting (Z-2019-02) 

Zoning By-law Amendment Z-2018-13 (Kruders)

Amendment to rezone three parcels from Open Space "OS" to Residential Single Services - First "RSS1", to allow for residential development. Located on the corner of Vin Vista Drive and County Road 2. 

Notice of Public Meeting (Z-2018-13)

Site Plan Control SP-2018-03 (Moulinette Mini Storage - Brunet)

Proposed mini storage on Moulinette Road, just South of 401 overpass

Site Plan Control SP-2018-03

Site Plan Control SP-2019-01 (OMNI Health Care - Woodland Villa)

Proposed renovation and addition to Woodland Villa Long Term Care Facility, located at 30 Mille Roches Road. 

Site Plan Control SP-2019-01

Zoning By-law Amendment (Z-2017-10) & Official Plan Amendment (OPA 33)

The Township of South Stormont will held a public meeting on October 30, 2017 at 6:00 PM at South Stormont Fire Station No. 4, 5205 Highway 138, St. Andrews West, ON, to consider a proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment under the Planning Act. Prior to the public meeting, an open house was held from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM to provide details of applications for a Pit and Quarry Licence under the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA). 

The Notice of Public Meeting and reports and studies related to the proposed amendments can be viewed by following the links below:

Notice of Public Meeting

Archaeological Assessment MacLeod 5 - Site Plans
Archaeological Report Entered into Register MacLeod III and V -  Hydrogeological Report
Blast Impact Analysis III - Revision 1 MacLeod III and V - Natural Environment Report
Blast Impact Analysis V - Revision 1 MacLeod III and V - Planning Report  
Eastman Municipal Drain Cut-Fill Memo MacLeod III and V - Summary Report
Eastman Municipal Drain Floodplain Memo Noise Impact Study
Eastman Municipal Drain Floodplain Sketch Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment - MacLeod Quarry V
MacLeod 3 - Site Plans Traffic Impact Study


The Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments have been appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. For more information and to review the current status of the appeal, please visit this site.