Dog Tag License

Under the Dog Licensing and Regulation By-law, every dog over six (6) months of age must be tagged and registered each year. In order to keep our records current, every second year the Township sells dog tags door to door. If you are not home when the Dog Tag Sales Agent attends your home and there is evidence of a dog, one return visit will be made and if no one is home a second time, the tag and invoice will be left at your home. You then have the option to pay in person at the Town Hall, by mailling a cheque, or having  the charge added to your property tax bill.

On the alternate years, the Township mails dog tags with an invoice to dog owners based on information gathered in previous years. Options for payment are described above. If you no longer own a dog, or your dog is deceased, please advise us accordingly in order to update our files and avoid renewal notices.

Alternatively, should you prefer, Dog Licences and Kennel Licences are available at Town Hall directly. Simply complete the Application for Dog Licence Form and bring or mail it with a cheque for the total amount owing (see fee schedule below) payable to the Township of South Stormont to Town Hall, 2 Mille Roches Rd, Long Sault to obtain your tag(s). Completed Dog Licence Forms can be sent by email to Shelby Martel. Once approved, your dog tag (s) will be mailed to you and the fee will be added to your property taxes.

Please note that dog licences (tags) are valid from January to December for the year indicated on the tag.



Intact Dog

$30.00 per dog per year

Neutered/Spayed Dog

$20.00 per dog per year

Dog Kennel Licence (where zoning permits)

$75.00 per year (1-9 dogs)

$100.00 per year (10-24 dogs)

$150.00 per year (25 + dogs)

Boarding Kennel (where zoning permits)


Retrieval of Dog from Animal Control Officer

$75.00 per incident

Pit Bulls (Only as permitted by the Dog Owners Liability Act)

$20.00 per dog per year

Dog tag replacement

Dog tag transfer