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Published on 1 January 1975

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For Immediate Release
February 9, 2018

The Counties, Ontario – The SDG Official Plan is used to evaluate zoning of properties, control and restrict land severances, and guide development requirements for large and small development within the County. SDG was notified on February 7th that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs has approved the County’s updated Official Plan with modifications.  The modifications made by the Ministry have changed the designation of specific properties, and, could potentially affect the future use or purpose of your land. These modifications were not endorsed or reviewed by the County prior to approval.

County staff are working to identify all the properties modified by the Ministry. Property owners are encouraged to review their properties on the County’s website to ensure they understand the designation of their land, and, confirm if it has changed from the original designations submitted to the Ministry.  Affected property owners will be contacted by the County and provided with additional information on what steps they can take should they wish to appeal the Ministry’s changes.

SDG has provided the modified maps on our website: under "Official Plan" so that property owners can review their land designations. The last date to submit an appeal against the decision is February 27th, 2018.

Quick Facts

  • The County Official Plan serves as the Official Plan for all local municipalities in SDG
  • The Official Plan designates lands for uses like residential, employment, commercial and protects environmentally significant and sensitive areas


"The County is aware that some properties have been re-designated from what County Council originally adopted. We are encouraging all residents to review their properties online to ensure they understand their designation. County staff are currently working to contact individuals who are affected by these changes.”

-       Alison McDonald, Manager of Planning, The United Counties of SDG


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