Annual Oral Rabies Vaccine

Published on 1 January 1975

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Fall Bait Distribution

The province would like to notify residents living along the St. Lawrence River that commencing mid-August Aerial baiting will begin. 

To control fox strain and raccoon strain rabies, small olive colour blister packs will be dropped in areas know to have animals at risk of infection.

The packets contain an oral rabies vaccine, and have black print on them stating that it is a rabies vaccine and to not ingest. The packets do not cause harm to the animals as they are made of vegetable fat, oils, dyes and sugar. (See packets below)

If found, the bait packets should not be touched, but left for raccoons, skunks and foxes to consume. 

Exposure to the bait is not harmful to people or pets; however in the unlikely event that people or pets come in contact with the vaccine, contacting a doctor or veterinarian as a precaution is recommended. 

Please see the attached information sheets and maps and stay cautious.

For more information please call the rabies vaccination project hotline: 1-888-574-6656

     Rabies Operation Map         Rabies Information Sheet

photo of a rabies vaccine packet