2015 OPP Initiatives

Published on 1 January 1975


The OPP is pleased to announce the expansion of the citizen self-reporting program and the new capacity to receive emergency calls for service via Text with 911 (T9-1-1) from people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired (DHHSI) and for which the OPP is the Primary Public Safety Answering Point (P-PSAP).

This initiative launched Wednesday, April 15, enabling emergency communication with OPP 9-1-1 call takers via text message (or SMS). In order to use T9-1-1, members of the DHHSI community must register their cell phones with their wireless carrier in advance. Some older model phones may not be compatible. Those who have more than one cell phone will need to register each phone individually. It should be noted that the T9-1-1 service is not intended for the use by the general public. 

In addition to the T9-1-1 program, the OPP has added another program within the Citizen Self Reporting initiative with the launch of an online system allowing the public to report specific crimes to police anywhere, anytime. This allows members of the public to use a computer or mobile device to report an incident without requiring an officer to attend the scene. This is simple and convenient and can be used when reporting incidents that do not involve injury or a suspect, or a crime that is not an emergency. The use of this new system is completely optional. Police will still attend a call for service is desired. 

Please visit the OPP website by clicking on a link below for more information on these two new programs designed to improve emergency response and enhancing the safety of the public. 

T9-1-1 Program

Citizen Self Report Program