South Stormont Travelling Trade Show

South Stormont Chamber of Commerce Travelling Trade Show

The South Stormont Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the first annual Travelling Trade Show!

The Travelling Trade Show will be held September 20-22, 2019. Participating business locations will be identified on a map/passport. Customers will get a stamp or marker for each business they visit in order to be entered into a draw for a massive gift basket. Draw to be held at the end of the weekend.

Participating businesses are encouraged to do their own thing, whether offering specials, or promotional items. The Chamber recognizes business owners know their market, and encourage creativity.

Follow the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page for more details on participating businesses. 

For businesses interested in participating:

The Chamber invites all types of businesses to get involved. Storefronts, restaurants, pubs, home-based businesses, garages, tradespeople, health care professionals, ice cream vendors, on-line marketers, hair stylists, merchants… if you have a business in South Stormont, we would love to have you participate.

Cost is $75 for non-members. In addition to participation, the $75 provides Chamber membership for the remainder of 2019, and the year 2020. Members and non-members alike are asked to donate a gift (minimum $25) which will be included in the gift basket referred to above. There is no charge for members to participate.

Directional signs will be available for purchase at $25 each. Your business name will be printed on each sign, which will be usable for subsequent years.

For more information about participating, please contact Carol Delorme, at