Curbside Recycling Collection

Council adopted a Waste Management by-law on June 26, 2013 to regulate waste collection and landfill use in the Township of South Stormont.

  • Curbside recyclable material is collected every second week on the same day as your garbage.

  • During winter months, ensure that material is free of snow and ice and visible to the collection crew. Do not place materials on top of snowbanks.

  • Secure your recyclables. Stack your recycling boxes one on top of the other to prevent papers from blowing away.

  • Empty and dried paint cans can be placed out for recycling.
  • Don't be late! Set out garbage and recyclables at the curb after 7:00 pm the night before or prior to 7:00 am on your collection day.
  • Keep your cardboard separate ~ Residents are asked to flatten cardboard and set it beside their recycling container in bundles no more than 1 metre by 1 metre by 30 centimeters.

Top 10 Blue Box No-No's

The following items don't belong in your blue box:

1. Non acceptable plastics: styrofoam, plastic bags, film and other unmarked plastics, including plastic strapping, toys, vinyl siding, plastic pipes, pails with metal handles, cassette tapes with tapes still in them, foam cups, packing peanuts or packaging.

2. Non acceptable glass: light bulbs, window glass, mirror glass, dishes and ceramics. Broken glass is dangerous for collection workers. For safety's sake, place in a sealed box labelled "Broken Glass."

3. Non acceptable metals: aluminum siding, metal strapping, bicycle chain, tent poles, eavestrough, metal piping, scrap metal, pots and pans, utensils, small household appliances (curling irons, hair dryers, toasters, kettles) and coat hangers.

4. Waste electronics: VCRs, cell phones, computers, TV, radios, etc. Go to for safe disposal options – or deliver them to the Township Landfill Site where e-waste is now collected.  Also, Habitat for Humanity Restore located at 1400 Vincent Massey Drive, Cornwall is also a depot for e-waste, batteries and recyclable ink toner products. 

5. Sharp items: needles, knives, saw blades, pizza cutters and blood glucose monitors. Sharp items should be properly packaged before proper disposal in the garbage. Needles and other biomedical wastes can be returned to your pharmacy.

6. Garden hoses

7. Furnace filters

8. Wooden orange and other fruit crates

9. Used feminine products, diapers, cat litter and dog feces

10. Hazardous waste: motor oil, paint and pesticides and full or partially full aerosol cans.