Acceptable and Non-Acceptable Recyclable Items

Please review the following list of acceptable and non-acceptable materials for recycling.

To make recycling easier for everyone we now have single stream recycling! That means no more sorting (except for larger cardboard)!

Several new items are now being accepted for recycling, including paper cups (i.e. Tim Hortons cups) and polycoat products, such as milk and juice cartons, gable top containers, Tetra Pak juice boxes and frozen juice containers.



Clear and coloured food and beverage bottles, jars and containers. Dishes, porcelain and ceramics, window panes, light bulbs or mirrors.
Aluminum and steel food and beverage bottles and containers, foil and plates,empty aerosol cans and dry empty paint cans (recycle lids separately). Aluminum foil with food scraps, laminated foil, takeout food lids, candy and cigarette wrapping, metalized chip bags, scrap metal, small appliances, full and partially full aerosols should be treated as hazardous waste.
Bottles, jugs, tubs, lids and rigid packaging and containers from food, beverage and household products (ie shampoo, yogurt, margarine, ice cream, clear shells, trays and BBQ chicken containers (#1 through #7). Styrofoam cups or packaging, film, bags, laminated packaging, toys, hoses, durable plastic products, seed trays, plant and garden packaging (please return to local nursery).  
Paper cups, fine paper, bills, flyers, envelopes, newsprint, magazines, boxboard, paperback books, egg cartons, phone books, rolls, brochures and polycoat containers (ie milk and juice cartons, gable top, Tetra Pak and frozen juice containers). Tissue, paper towels, napkins, waxed paper, laminated, lined and metallic paper, contaminated paper and the hard cover on books (please remove).


What can I Recycle?