Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my garbage not picked up?

It is possible you exceeded the bag limit which is currently two bags/containers.  It could be that your garbage is in a container that exceeds the sizes laid out in the Township’s Waste Management By-law.  It is also possible that you put out something the garbage truck will simply not pick up.  Items including furniture, appliances, tires, liquids, demolition and construction material, and hazardous waste such as batteries and propane tanks will not be collected.  When your garbage is left behind, the driver will leave a notice describing why it wasn't picked up.

Where can I get a blue box or a composter?

Blue boxes are available at the Town Hall at a cost of $5.00.  Two free blue boxes are provided with building permits for new homes.  Back yard composters are also available for $30.00.

When is my garbage or recycling collected?

Garbage is collected every week and recycling is collected every other week on the same day as your garbage collection.  To determine your waste collection day, see the annual Waste Management Calendar, sign up for our free Recycling App, or call Town Hall at 613-534-8889.

When will my waste be collected if there is a holiday?

If a holiday falls on a Monday during the calendar year, there is no change to garbage and recycling schedules.  Please see the Waste Management Calendar for the full schedule.  If there is a change to the schedule a black arrow identifies the change.

Can I recycle this?



Clear and coloured food and beverage bottles, jars and containers. Dishes, porcelain and ceramics, window panes, light bulbs or mirrors.
Aluminum and steel food and beverage bottles and containers, foil and plates,empty aerosol cans and dry empty paint cans (recycle lids separately). Aluminum foil with food scraps, laminated foil, takeout food lids, and cigarette wrapping, metalized chip bags, scrap metal, small appliances, full and partially full aerosols should be treated as hazardous waste.
Bottles, jugs, tubs, lids and rigid packaging and containers from food, beverage and household products (ie shampoo, yogurt, margarine, ice cream, clear shells, trays and BBQ chicken containers (#1 through #7). Styrofoam cups or packaging, film, bags, laminated packaging, toys, hoses, durable plastic products, seed trays, plant and garden packaging (please return to local nursery).  
Paper cups, fine paper, bills, flyers, envelopes, newsprint, magazines, boxboard, paperback books, egg cartons, phone books, rolls, brochures and polycoat containers (ie milk and juice cartons, gable top, Tetra Pak and frozen juice containers). Tissue, paper towels, napkins, waxed paper, laminated, lined and metallic paper, contaminated paper and the hard cover on books (please remove).