Planning and Development

Planning policy evolves over time in response to changing economic, social and environmental factors. It involves the preparation of long term land use plans for the municipality that guide the management of land and resources. The key document for governing future growth is the Official Plan. The Township of South Stormont Plan is part of a larger county wide Official Plan, coordinated by the United Counties of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry.

Development Approval
involves processing applications for land use development and/or change. Applications include proposed Official Plan amendments, plans of subdivision, plans of condominium, zoning amendments, site plan applications, minor variances, building permits and consents. Staff work closely with the applicant, the United Counties of SD&G planning department staff and other agencies to ensure the project meets municipal objectives and complies with all associated legislation.

Pre-consultation - It helps you…it helps us!

An effective pre-consultation can advance your project through the necessary approvals process quicker. It is a process where prospective development applicants consult with municipal and agency staff to discuss the development proposal in the context of all relevant provincial, regional and municipal policies, guidelines and requirements prior to their formal application submission. By addressing comments and issues raised at the pre-consultation meeting an applicant can reduce the number of revisions to an application, thereby reducing the overall time of the approval process.