Official Plan

The Official Plan is a document that governs growth and development over a twenty year period for the Township of South Stormont and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. The County Official Plan is an upper tier Plan that has been designed to provide a detailed set of policies that reflect provincial, county and local interests.

The United Counties of SD&G oversees the Official Plan process. Under the Planning Act the County must undertake a review of the Official Plan once every five years. They are also responsible for overseeing Official Plan Amendments. The Official Plan offers long range planning for the Township. Township Zoning By-laws must align with the land use policies and designations within the Official Plan.

Additional information, as well as access to the SDG Official Plan are located on the County’s website. For further information, or to apply for an Official Plan Amendment, please contact the County’s Planning Department.

Official Plan Amendment

An Official Plan Amendment seeks to change the designation of land or to add, replace, delete or change a policy. Amendments to the Official Plan are handled by the United Counties Planning Department. The Council of the United Counties are responsible for making the decision on amendments to the Official Plan (delegated authority).

Amendment Application

Amendment Fees

Provincial Policy Statement

The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) provides direction in matters of land use planning that are directly related to Provincial interests. The PPS works towards creating strong, livable and healthy communities. The most recent version of the PPS (2014) mandates that all land use decisions “shall be consistent with” the PPS.

Provincial Policy Statement