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Recreational Trails

North-South Recreational Trail 1

South Stormont Recreation Trail - Paved Path
South Stormont maintains and operates the “North-South” 5km trail. This trail is intended for non-motorized recreational activities. All dogs must be on a leash. The trail has access points at the following locations:

The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail - Paved Path
The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail runs alongside the shores of the St. Lawrence River.  Access to the trail is available in the following communities:



South Stormont is home to many public campgrounds, attracting visitors from around the world. Check out our Things To Do page for more campground information or


Hootin' Annie Henry DeRooy

Neighbourhood Parks / Open Parklands

South Stormont offers a large inventory of developed parks within many Township communities. All 20 parks offer unique amenities, ranging from traditional play structures and swing sets, to large facilities such as sports fields and outdoor pools.   

South Stormont Parks Listing