Fire Hall Locations

South Stormont fire stations are NOT staffed 24/7. For emergencies - Call 9-1-1

For non-emergency services please contact the Fire Chief at 613-534-8889, ext 250.

The location of our four Fire Halls are as follows:

Station 1, Long Sault
50 Mille Roches Road
Long Sault, ON  K0C 1P0
District Chief Paul McAlear

Station 2, Ingleside
1 Maple Avenue
Ingleside, ON  K0C 1M0
District Chief Larry Barkley

Station 3, Newington
3931 County Road 12
Newington, ON  K0C 1Y0
District Chief Drew Cameron

Station 4, St. Andrews West
5205 Highway 138
St. Andrews West, ON  K0C 2A0
District Chief Wes Atkinson

Green Lights - What do you mean? 

South Stormont Fire and Rescue receives fire protection from volunteers who may use flashing green lights on personally owned vehicles while proceeding to emergencies, including response to lightsthe scene or to the fire station. The purpose of flashing green lights is to help other drivers recognize a firefighter en-route to an emergency and be courteous and yield the right-of-way. The flashing green light does not give volunteers additional privileges or exemptions under the Highway Traffic Act. If you see a vehicle with a flashing green light activated, you now know it's one of us, on our way to help one of our neighbours. Remember, the home we're rushing to save or life we're going to rescue could be yours, or that of a close friend. Please let us by!


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