Fire and Emergency Services

South Stormont Fire Protection Services proudly serves a community of more than 13,110 people. We cover an area of 447.5 square kilometers containing some 5,275 structures. 

The Township is proud of the approximately 96 volunteer firefighters who are highly trained and led by our Fire Chief. Emphasis is placed on training to ensure that the community continues to receive the high level of service it has come to expect.

South Stormont Fire and Rescue is comprised of four volunteer fire stations: Station 1 in Long Sault, Station 2 in Ingleside, Station 3 in Newington, and Station 4 in St. Andrews West.

Each station houses one pumper, one heavy rescue unit, and one tanker truck with the required emergency equipment.

The department delivers the following services:

  1. Fire suppression and property conservation;
  2. Fire prevention public education;
  3. Ontario Fire Code fire inspections and enforcement;
  4. First response with defibrillator;
  5. Ambulance assistance;
  6. Auto Extraction (heavy hydraulics);
  7. Hazardous Material Response (Awareness Level 1); and
  8. Shore base water rescue.

Through Mutual Aid, the department also provides assistance to neighbouring fire departments when required.

To advise us of a fire safety concern or any other fire related matter, please contact the Fire Chief at 613-534-8889 ext. 250.  


Please remember, DIAL 9-1-1 for a FIRE – POLICE – AMBULANCE EMERGENCY.

South Stormont Fire Master Plan (2016)

Alarm Activation

The Township of South Stormont has recently received a number of calls concerning Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Activation. If your alarm system activates, immediately evacuate your home or business and call 911. If you don’t know why your alarm system is going off it can still be a life-threatening situation, and you still need to evacuate and call 911. South Stormont Fire and Rescue will respond to all alarm calls.

Residents may have their home inspected by the Fire Prevention Officer free of charge. This will help homeowners identify and correct any hazards and ensure all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly. If you are interested in booking an appointment for your home to be inspected, please call the Township office at 613-534-8889.