Finance and Taxes

The Finance Department is responsible for handling all of the financial affairs of the municipality on behalf of Council.  The Department’s roles and responsibilities include: collecting money that is payable to the municipality and issuing receipts for those payments; depositing all money received on behalf of the municipality in a financial institution that has been designated by the municipality; paying all debts of the municipality and other expenditures that have been authorized by the municipality; maintaining accurate records and accounts of the financial affairs of the municipality; providing Council with such information with respect to the financial affairs of the municipality as it requires or requests; and ensuring investments of the municipality are made in compliance with the regulations made under the Municipal Act.

The Finance Department is also responsible for the coordination and preparation of operating and capital budgets, accounts payable and receivable, payroll services, banking and audit arrangements, and the preparation of internal and statutory financial reporting requirements.  In addition, it ensures that the corporation is in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”) and more specifically PS 3150 “Accounting for Tangible Capital Assets”.  Key responsibilities also include managing the corporate procurement function by ensuring that the procurement process continues to be transparent, fair, and accountable, as well as in compliance with the Township’s Procurement Policy.  It assists all corporate departments in acquiring goods and services that are required to deliver services and programs.

The Finance Department is pleased to serve ratepayers, the public, prospective employees, vendors, and various government ministries and agencies.

Finance Department Documents