Forms and Applications

This page includes forms and applications for common building projects; however, additional permits may be required if your property falls under the jurisdiction or regulations of other Authorities. Examples of additional Authorities may include:

  • Conservation Authority, i.e. Raisin Region Conservation, South Nation Conservation
  • S.D.G. Counties (i.e. property is located on a County Road)
  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMFRA)
  • Ontario Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)

Please contact these authorities directly for permit applications and costs or other related information.

All "Applicable Law" approvals (including the above) must accompany your permit application before it will be considered complete.

For construction/alteration/demolition of any building or structure complete the following:

For installation or alteration of a driveway (entrance) on a County Road or provincial highway, contact the appropriate authority.