Entrance Permits

Properties that do not currently have access from the municipal road to enter a property require an entrance permit.  If the property is on a Township road, applicants must complete an Entrance Permit Application with the applicable fee:

  • Entrance permit requiring culvert: $130.00
  • Entrance permit not requiring a culvert: $80.00
  • Entrance culvert extension: $55.00

All applications are to be submitted to the Township of South Stormont Public Works Department for approval. The proposed location must be staked out on the property. 

Public Works staff will inspect the site and consider the application, based on issues such as sight lines and drainage.  The applicant will then be notified about whether their entrance permit application has been approved.  All materials will be supplied by the applicant and all work will be done at the applicant’s expense and to the satisfaction of the Township of South Stormont. 

Please note that work must not commence on the entrance until the entrance permit has been granted by the Township of South Stormont.

For installation or alteration of a driveway (entrance) on a County Road or provincial highway, contact the appropriate authority.