Building Department

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The Building Department provides formal permission for construction, alteration or demolition, ensuring that minimum building standards established by the Ontario Building Code and Municipal By-laws are followed. This process protects the interests of the property and building owners and helps to make sure that construction is safe, legal and sound. The Building Department oversees a number of functions related to construction and alteration of buildings.  

Building and Demolition Permits

A permit is your formal permission to construct, alter or demolish a building. Building Permits fall under the Township’s Building Department. A Building Permit regulates construction in the community so that health, fire, structural and general safety standards are met to maintain the well being of all individuals in the community.

The municipal Building By-law incorporates additional rules and regulations. The Township’s Fees and Charges By-law establishes the fees that are associated with the department.

Under the direction of the Chief Building Official, the Building Department authorizes the issuance of Building Permits in compliance with the Ontario Building Code.

It is illegal to start work without a permit. Anyone who starts work without a building permit is in contravention of the Building By-law and the Building Code Act and is therefore subject to financial and legal consequences.