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 Tender 19-2019: Mould Abatement Project for the Ingleside Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sealed tenders, which shall be clearly marked as to contents, will be received by:

The Township of South Stormont,
Loriann Harbers, Director of Corporate Services/Clerk
2 Mille Roches Road
Long Sault, ON    K0C 1P0

until 2:00 PM, local time, as recorded by the Township, on Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

For the provision of the following services:

1.    Removal and disposal of the existing mould contaminated acoustic ceiling tiles.
2.    Removal and disposal of mould contaminated building materials.
3.    Clean and disinfect all ductwork including grills, diffusers, registers, etc. throughout building.
4.    Stage 1 HEPA vacuum all surfaces (ceiling, T-bar supports, floors, walls, all fixed objects, ect.) throughout building.
5.    Disinfect all surfaces throughout building.
6.    Stage 2 HEPA vacuum all surfaces.
7.    Replace all acoustic ceiling tiles.
8.    Replace drywall.

On the same day, and shortly after the closing time, the tenders will be opened, and the total tendered amount will be read publicly by the Township provided all of the tender submission items have been met in the bidding documents.

Hard Copies of the tender documents may be obtained by contacting HSP Engineering at the address listed below. The digital contract tender documents will be emailed to each of the interested proponents.  Tender documents may also be studied at, but not removed from, the Township of South Stormont’s office.

Tenders are subject to a formal contract being prepared and executed.  The Township of South Stormont, at its own discretion, reserves the right to accept or reject any compliant or non-compliant tender and advises that the lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

Questions will be received until end of day October 28th, 2019, and must be submitted in writing to the Engineer. The Township reserves the right to distribute any and all questions and answers pertaining to this tender by addenda. The final addendum, if applicable, will be issued on October 29th, 2019.

There will be a mandatory job showing at the Ingleside Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at 17754 County Rd. 2, Ingleside on Tuesday, October 22nd at 9:00 AM.  Sub-contractors or suppliers may attend the job showing but it is not mandatory. 

HSP Consultants Inc.
Blake Michels
5715 Warner Drive, Long Sault ON K0C 1P0
Phone : 613-932-3289 x 222

 Full Tender Ad: 19-2019 Ingleside Wastewater Treatment Plant Mould Abatement Project