Livestock Valuer

The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program was launched in July 2011, replacing a program that had not been changed in over 30 years. Through this program, compensation may be paid to owners for the cost of livestock killed or injured by coyotes and other approved predators.

Additional information on the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program is available by viewing "A Guide for Livestock and Poultry Owners".  For more information please refer to the complete program guidelines available at Farmers must have a valid Farm Business Registration (FBR) Number and Premises Identification (PID) Number to be eligible for the program.

Call 1-866-327-3678 for information about obtaining an FBR number. Call 1-877-424-1300 about obtaining a PID Number.

To apply for compensation:

If your property is located in the Township of South Stormont and you have had livestock killed or injured by an approved predator, report the situation to the Township’s appointed Livestock Valuer, Mr. Charles Marlatt, at 613-534-2931, or to the Clerk’s Department within 48 hours.