Facts and Trivia

How many kilometers of roads, both gravel and asphalt, does the Township maintain?
What year did the Township amalgamate from two municipalities to the new Township of South Stormont and what were the two former municipalities?
January, 1998
Cornwall Township and Osnabruck Township
Who was the first Reeve of the newly amalgamated Township of South Stormont?
Jim Brownell
On average, how many tonnes of recycling were collected in one month in 2016?
On average, how many tonnes of garbage were collected in one month in 2016?
The first inductees of the South Stormont Sports Hall of Fame were inducted in what year?
Where are the South Stormont Sports Hall of Fame Inductees proudly displayed for public viewing?
Long Sault Arena, 60 Mille Roches Road, Long Sault
What are the names of the Lost Villages?
Dickinson's Landing
Farran's Point
Maple Grove
Mille Roches
Santa Cruz
Sheek/Sheik Island
What year did the flooding of the seaway take place?
July, 1958; Inundation Day was July 1, 1958
What year did Queen Elizabeth II come through our area?
What year did the first Stormont County Fair take place in the village of Newington?
How many litres of water does it take to fill the St. Andrews West community pool?

Did you know?

  • In the 1800s, Newington was part of the Township and the municipal council was its immediate authority.  The inhabitants of the small hamlet were ambitious to give their village some amenities which the Township apparently would not support; for instance, sidewalks.

    From the Cornwall newspaper of March 16, 1899, comes this item of local information:

    There is to be a social gathering at the residence of James Martin on Wednesday evening for those who took part in the concern on behalf of the sidewalks to decide where to build the walks.  Those of the village and vicinity who took part were: Theo Helmer, AG Hope, Wm Duval, George Berkley, Earnier Rombough, Norah Foster, Aeneas Jardine, Earnie Martin, George Wood, James Steen, Percy Hawn, E. Hawn, Walter Rupert, John Thompson, Ryerson Wladroff and Ross Snetsinger, Misses Grace E. Low. Lottie Jardine, Lyda Snetsinger, Laura E. Martin, Lena Berkley, Birdie Hawn, Cassie McIntyre, Ethel Bancroft, Etta Martin, Zella Douval and Elva Jardine. Those from outside were George Mattice, Charles Helmer of Lunenburg, Percy McEwan and the Arbuthnot brothers of Northfield and Mr. Hough of Avonmore.  As this concert was such a grand success, it is hoped there will be another in the near future in further aid of the sidewalk fund.

    It was recorded that board sidewalks provided easy walking.  Cecil Paupst talked of concrete sidewalk in the 1920s.

    Source: Newington, Osnabruck History and Hearsay, Annie Webber, 1989
  • Did you know that the City of Cornwall annexed part of Cornwall Township in 1957?