Our Community

South Stormont offers a clean and safe environment, affordable housing, high standard of education, major centers just minutes away, parks and green space for all to enjoy and generally, a wonderful place to come home to.  These are just some of the reasons more and more people are looking to South Stormont as a wonderful place to live and to work.

Our Township Logo

The Township Logo encompasses the warm standard of living that South Stormont offers and is unique to our community.  It was crafted by combining the former Township of Cornwall and Osnabruck logos and the meaning is described as follows:township_ss_logo.jpg

  • Sailing Ship – Immigrants travel from Old World
  • Tree – The country as the settlers found it
  • Sheep and Grain – Efforts of the early settlers
  • Maple Leaf – Township being embraced by Canada
  • Crown – Township devotion to the Monarchy and the Queen Elizabeth II
  • Township Motto – Peace, Plenty and Progress
  • The nautical rope encircling the entire crest represents the St. Lawrence River.