Major Employers

Kraft Canada

70 Dickinson Drive, Ingleside

One of Canada's largest companies, Kraft-Heinz maintainsan impressive portfolio of brands that people love. These include the famous Kraft Dinner, Jell-O, Cracker Barrel cheeses, and Kraft peanut butter. South Stormont is proud to have Kraft0Heinz, an employer of over 400 people, in our community.

Greyline Instruments

16456 Sixsmith Drive, Long Sault

Greyline Instruments manufactures and develops industrial flow and level monitoring instruments for measurement and control in water and wastewater treatment. Industrial process automation for environmental monitoring is also an integral part of the Greyline Instruments portfolio.

SABIC Innovative Plastics

1 Structured Products Drive, Long Sault

SABIC Innovative Plastics is a world leader in providing engineering thermoplastic material solutions. In more than 35 countries worldwide, they supply information, technology, and advanced materials solutions to meet global customer needs.

UAP Logistics Distribution Centre

16290 County Road 36, Long Sault

The UAP Inc. Logistics Centre is the most recent addition to our business community. With a surface area of 200,000 sq. ft., the new, efficient, and spacious non-application products logistics centre will hold more than 30,000 parts in stock, including chemicals, accessories, hardware, tools, and equipment, as well as paint, body, and equipment products.