Candidates' Q&A

1.   When will the Voters’ List be available?

The Voters’ List will be available to Candidates after September 4, 2018 and via the Candidates Module provided through Intelivote after September 17, 2018. More information will be provided at the August 28, 2018 Candidates Session.

 2.   When can I erect signs?

As per the Municipal Election Sign By-law, signs cannot be erected before, 1) the deposit is paid and 2) the second Friday of September, being September 14, 2018.

 3.   Can I have a 4 foot x 8 foot municipal election sign?

As per Section 3.1 of the Municipal Election Sign By-law, signs cannot be larger than 16 square feet or 4 feet x 4 feet. Please note that the current by-law contains a technical error in the conversion from square meters to square feet; however, the purpose and intention of the by-law is to limit the size of election signs to that noted above. In addition, the technical error will be corrected prior to September 14, 2018, being the first day in which election signs are permitted to be erected.

 4.   Can a candidate host a raffle with a prize?

I can confirm that if no money is involved with the transaction, no raffle licence is required, pursuant to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

However, as the candidate you are responsible to ensure your campaign meets the requirements of the Municipal Elections Act and subsequently, aspects of campaign finance and the compliance audit committee. 

Because the legislation does not go into such detail, I would recommend consultation with your solicitor to ensure you are not contravening legislation and opening yourself up to having to defend should a complaint be filed.

5.   There is a need for a crossing guard or lights on Dickinson Drive at College Street in Ingleside. Is this something that the Township is aware of?

Public Works has actually met with the School, Parent Counsel, OPP, United Counties and STEO about this matter.   

At the June 13, 2018 meeting, Director Gellately brought forward a Key Information Report explaining that the Parent Council of Our Lady of Good Counsel School requested signage (bollards in middle of the street), for Dickinson Drive. Council discussed the use of similar signs in a neighbouring community and the negative feedback received as a result. Following that discussion, Council instructed staff to investigate alternate options in consultation with the United Counties and advise the Our Lady of Good Counsel School Parent Council of such.

 I believe that representatives of the Parent Counsel will be in attendance at a September meeting to discuss further.

 6.  Where can signs be posted? 

The Township's Municipal Election Sign By-law is a by-law to regulate and restrict the placement of election signs and does not indicate exact locations where signs may be posted.  All Candidates are encouraged to thoroughly review the By-law in an effort to understand such regulations. A copy of the By-law can be found on our website under “Corporate Resources” by following this link:  In addition, Candidates should review the Provincial Election Sign Policy (also found under the link above), which further regulates the placement of election signs by the Ministry of Transportation under the authority of the Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act.  

7. When a Township Employee gets called to a an emergency (fire) do they receive Township pay and Firefighters' pay while at the scene? Or do they receive the higher wage of the two?  

If the fire occurs during the employee’s regular Township hours, they receive their regular Township rate. However, if the fire occurs after regular hours, the firefighter receives firefighter rate.

8. What is the value of the assets owned by the Township of South Stormont?

The value of the Township's accumulated surplus as at the end of 2017 (which includes the Township's financial and non-financial assets) is $58 million. 

9. Is there a Meet and Greet for Candidates on September 25?

The Township of South Stormont is required to remain impartial and uninvolved with the campaign process and therefore, does not host such events. However, it is understood that the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce is hosting a meet and greet on the 25th of September. For more information, please contact Carol Delorme, Chamber President at 613-537-2827.

10. What is the status of the reconstruction and paving of streets on Moulinette Island?

Sunset Drive is a capital project included in 2018 Transportation Capital Budget. The project nears completion with asphalt roadway completed driveway tie-ins ongoing. Lakeside Drive and East Island Causeway are included in the 10 year capital plan which is included in the Townships Road Needs Study completed in 2017. It is the intention of staff to bring forward these as well as other projects for consideration as part of the 2019 Transportation Budget. 

11. Are there plans for the development of the centre of Moulinette Island?

The centre of Moulinette Island is zoned “Development Reserve” in the Township’s zoning by-law, and is designated “Future Study Area” in the County Official Plan. Development of this property is not within the current municipal budget or departmental workplans. Some servicing studies of the property were completed in 2014. Should a future Council be interested in developing this property, a comprehensive planning study and amendment to the County Official Plan would be required.

 Section 9.4.3 of the Official Plan contains special policies governing any possible future development of the property. (p. 151)

12. Is there a way to search Council meeting minutes and agendas by typing a word in a search field and then getting all the dates that would include discussion of that item?

The current method to search is from the main search bar on the home page. We are, however, in the process of implementing a new e-agenda process that will provide for this feature in coming months. 

 13. Does the Township have a replanting initiative due to trees affected by Emerald Ash Borer? If yes, where could I find that information?

The Township has collected information on developing an Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan and has been working with the neighbouring municipalities who are in similar positions. We've also met with the City of Cornwall and the local Conservation Authorities to gather more information on moving a plan forward that would include inventory, removal as required, and subsequent tree planting. 

It is the intention to have this information included as part of the update for the Recreation Master Plan scheduled for 2019.

14. A candidate has asked for tax rate information in recent years in addition to assessment figures. 

The South Stormont Assessment Change Profile Report is provided below, as extracted from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation website in addition to the adopting tax rate by-laws from 2010 to 2018

 South Stormont Assessment Change Profile

2010 Tax Rate Adoption By-law

2011 Tax Rate Adoption By-law

2012 Tax Rate Adoption By-law

2013 Tax Rate Adoption By-law

2014 Tax Rate Adoption By-law

2015 Tax Rate Adoption By-law

2016 Tax Rate Adoption By-law

2017 Tax Rate Adoption By-law

2018 Tax Rate Adoption By-law

15. What is currently being done to improve gaps in cell service in rural areas?

The Eastern Ontario Wardens' Caucus (EOWC) and the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) are working on initiatives to improve the gaps in cellular and broadband services throughout Eastern Ontario. The United Counties of SDG have committed to financially supporting the cell gap project (approximately $600,000) along with all other EOWC Counties.

Below are some resources from EORN that highlight the current projects.

Signal for Innovation: Improving Mobile Broadband in Eastern Ontario

EOWC: Stronger Future Presentation 

Growing Eastern Ontario and Improving Public Safety Through Mobile Broadband

16. What is the capacity issue with the Ingleside Waste Water Treatment Plant?

Hydraulic and treatment capacities are key issues. Current uncommitted reserved capacity, as reported in 2016, was +/- 60 cu. m/day. (38 residential lots). 

Operating issues require more chemicals be used to meet Ministry of Environment discharge requirements included in our Environmental Compliance Approval. 

The Environmental Study Report was available for public viewing and quite possibly could be made available for review. 

17. What is the capacity remaining for the Long Sault Waste Water Treatment Plant?

Uncommitted reserved capacity in 2014 was 671 cu. m/day (345 residential lots). No current issues with capacity or operations. 

18. Is there funding available for construction of the Ingleside Waste Water Treatment Plant?

Currently, there are no provincial or federal funding opportunities available. 

19. Can a scrutineer act for more than one candidate?

Yes, providing the scrutineer is appointed, in writing, by each candidate individually.

20. What happened to the contribution signage in the entrance area of the Arena?

The contribution signage from the entrance at the Long Sault Arena was removed during lobby renovations in 2017.  The three signs are currently located in the Parks and Recreation Office and staff has transferred all of the information to a Word Document.  The intention is to work with a manufacturer to standardize the three signs with a new design and have them re-installed in the entrance. 

21. Has there been discussion or commitments made regarding road improvements for Groves Road or the north end of the Aultsville Road (including a centre line)? 

The Township uses the 10 Year Capital Plan found in the 2017 Road Needs Study as a guide for Budgets. The Capital Plan does include the reconstruction of the north end Aultsville Road in 2018. This has been deferred and will be proposed for 2019. Improvements to Groves Road does not appear in the 10 year Capital Plan.

22. Are there current plans to improve/update MacLennan Park, Rosedale Terrace or will this be part of the larger Parks and Recreation review? 

The Township is planning to address future improvements to neighbourhood parks as part of the proposed Recreation Master Plan update in 2019.

23.  Has there been recent traffic studies (speed / volume) done in the urban settlement areas, if so where and when?

Due to time and manpower constraints, traffic studies on Township urban roads specific to volume and/or speed are done on an as requested (Council) basis. These typically would occur when speed reduction/enforcement and or signage requests are made through Council.

In addition, the Township has historically completed a Road Needs Study every 5 years with the last one completed in 2017.

24. Why is there no white line on Aultsville Road?

Basically the issue is cost. Line painting is something pretty new in South Stormont, only been done in the past 5 or 6 years.

We typically would paint lines where traffic volumes, road geometry and traffic conflicts warrant it. We have added a road or two per year in the past as the need presents itself. This year we added Windfall Road, north of Long Sault because of the 90 degree curves in the road, these were identified as a risk and part of the engineer recommended signage was line painting.

The cost factor is not only the initial painting but the maintenance of the lines. Once painted they have to be maintained. Our practice of applying stone dust with our salt is very abrasive. There are roads which would require annual painting rather than every two years as we see where only salt is applied.

We have heard previously the request for Aultsville Road. We will review the request and consider for 2019 painting as 2018 painting is completed now.

25. How will Scrutineers confirm the integrity of the electronic votes made via Internet voting?

Excerpts of the 2018 Municipal Elections Policies and Procedures, in addition to the Election Auditor, Candidates and Scrutineers have access to the Open and Close of vote, as described below. Also, please refer to the full document available here


Voting will commence on October 17, 2018 at 9:00 AM and continue through to October 22, 2018 at 8:00 PM.

During the Voting Period, the Help Centre will be open Monday to Friday, during Regular Office Hours, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM and on Voting Day between the hours of 8:30 AM and 8:00 PM. At 8:00 PM the doors of the respective Voting Places shall be locked and those inside will be permitted to cast their Ballot.

Prior to the activation of the system by Intelivote Systems Inc., on October 17, 2018 at 9:00 AM, Intelivote Systems Inc. shall allow access by the Auditor to the voting system at the Help Centre by secure ID and password, for the purposes of ensuring that all Candidates’ names are listed and that no votes have been cast.  The system will not be activated until confirmation that all the counts associated with each of the Candidate(s) names indicate a “0” total.  

Candidates or their Scrutineer may be present to verify and ensure that all totals of votes cast are at “0” and shall be required to sign the “Activation of Intelivote System” Form 40 that attests to this fact.”

“Count Procedures

The Clerk shall keep its public voting access and Voting Places open until 8:00 PM Monday, October 22, 2018. The DRO shall confirm and report to the Clerk that all eligible electors in the Voting Place, including the Voter Help Centre, at 8:00 PM on Monday, October 22, 2018 have completed voting.

The Clerk, at 8:00 PM on Voting Day, shall arrange for the close and deactivation of the internet voting service at the Help Centre.

The Auditor will then conduct a test to confirm that no votes can be cast. 

The Clerk shall then request the tabulation of the results for each Candidate to be sent by email to the Help Centre:

When the unofficial results are received from Intelivote Systems Inc., they shall be entered into the “Vote Count Summary Report” Form 41, along with the results received via telephone from the various Voting Places for the composite paper Ballots.

The Clerk, Auditor and any others present (Candidates, or their Scrutineer) shall sign the Vote Count Summary Report indicating the results and votes cast.

Only the Clerk, DRO, appointed Election Officials, certified Candidates (an acclaimed Candidate or their Scrutineer is NOT permitted) and authorized Scrutineers will be permitted to remain in the Help Centre.

Before being admitted to the Help Centre, upon request by the Clerk or DRO, Candidates, Scrutineers and Election Officials shall be required to show proof of identity as prescribed in O. Reg. 304/13.

Before being admitted to the Help Centre, a person appointed as a Scrutineer shall also produce and show his/her Form 27 to the Clerk for the receiving of the voting results at the Help Centre and take the “Oral Oath of Secrecy” Form 28 from the Clerk before being permitted to remain at the Help Centre. 

Entrance to the Help Centre will not be permitted after 8:00 PM on Voting Day and only Election Officials will be allowed to enter thereafter.  Candidate’s and Scrutineers are to arrive between 7:45 PM and 8:00 PM. Once admitted to the Help Centre, no one shall be permitted to leave until the results are received and the Vote Count Summary Report has been signed by all in attendance.

The Candidate or Scrutineer shall not communicate the results to anyone until the Clerk has released the unofficial results to the general public.

ANYONE who is creating a disturbance at the Help Centre will be removed as directed by the Clerk.

Cell phones and other equipment SHALL be turned off upon entering the Help Centre and their use is prohibited while at the Help Centre, except by Election Officials.”