Virtual Activities 

These weekly Virtual Activities will be a fun way to stay connected with the Township, have fun with your family, and be entered to win some exciting prizes! Winners are chosen at random. Every Friday new activities will launch, the instructions and details will be listed below. Feel free to post your activities on social media and #southstormont.

WEEK ONE - Time Capsule (May 1 to May 7)

Create a Time Capsule - you can create one as a family or as an individual, this will be a great way for everyone to store memories of the pandemic and look back on in future years. 

  1. Please see the Time Capsule Instructions for details on how to create your Time Capsule. 
  2. Send a photo of your time capsule to by Thursday, May 7 at 12PM, please include your full name, address, and contact info. 
  3. The winner will be contacted on Friday, May 8 and will win a cool prize! 

WINNER - Daye Family

WEEK TWO - Colouring Contest (May 8 to May 14)

  1. Draw an essential worker that you are thankful for and send a photo of your drawing to by Thursday, May 14 at 12PM. Please be sure to include your full name, address and contact info.
  2. The winner will be contacted on Friday, May 15 and will win a cool prize!
  3.  Be sure to check Facebook to see this weeks prize.

WINNER - Daphnée Filion 

WEEK THREE - Spell Your Name Workout
(May 15 to May 21)

  1. Complete the “Spell Your Name” workout, spell your first name and perform the exercise that corresponds with each letter. Please see list of letters/exercises below.
  2. After your workout, email, please include your address and the list of exercises your completed by Thursday, May 21 at 12PM to be entered to win a prize!
  3. The winner will be contacted on Friday, May 22 and will win a cool prize!
  4. If you are unsure of any of these exercises feel free to google them.
    A) 10 jumping jacks  B) 5 push-ups C) 1 burpee D) 20 high knees E) 5 crunches 
    F) 10 mountain climbers G) 5 squats H) 10 front lunges I) 10 side lunges 
    J) 10 second wall sit K) 5 calf raises L) 10 second plank M) 3 squat jumps 
    N) 10 second jump rope O) 10 sit-ups P) 5 wide leg squats Q) 10 arm circles 
    R) 10 frog jumps S) 10 second jog in place T) 10 butt kickers U) 5 tuck jumps
    5 tricep dips using chair W) 5 star jumps X) 10 second skip around 
    Y) 10 lying down leg raises Z) 10 second air punching 

WINNER - Amy Dallaire

(MAY 22 TO MAY 28)

Its time to get your thinking caps on for the next Virtual Activity – South Stormont Trivia!

  1. View the South Stormont Trivia Questions here
  2. Submit your answers and your address to
  3. Deadline is Thursday, May 28 at 12PM
  4. All submissions will be entered for a chance to win the prize

WINNER - Robyn Marshall

(MAY 29 TO JUNE 4)

Enjoy getting active during this fun animal workout!

  1. Complete each Animal Exercise for one minute each
  2. Once complete, email with your address and favorite exercise.
  3. Deadline is Thursday, June 4 at 12PM