Please note that in order to serve you better, the portal to access your property and utility billing accounts have been upgraded to a new version.  Due to this upgrade, it is possible you may need to recreate your account.  If this is the case, and you require your Access Code/PIN, please contact Town Hall.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

To access your property account, where you can view Property Taxes and Water and Sewer (Utility) Billing, you must have a password-protected customer account. To set up your account you will need your Access Code/PIN which can be obtained by contacting Town Hall at 613-534-8889 to request to have your Access Code/PIN mailed to you. Once you have your Access Code/PIN you can register, login and proceed. 

Access your account and/or create a login here South Stormont iCity Online

*When registering to view your account online, please remember to enter your roll number as follows: “choose “001-FORMER CORNWALL TOWNSHIP or 006-FORMER OSNABRUCK TOWNSHIP” from the dropdown menu, and enter your Roll number in the format “12345678.0000” (8 digits, followed by .0000).

Instructions for setting up an iCity Online Account